25 Epic Things To Do In Tokyo

Travelling to Tokyo? You lucky thing! I squeezed in 3 visits last year and this crazy, crepe-filled, crowded capital still left me wanting more. Whether you’re planning your first or your 30th visit, here are 25 weird and wonderful things to do in Tokyo to have the best time ever.

Fun things to do in Tokyo

1. Watch giant robots take on dinosaurs in this electrifying cabaret show my partner described as ‘Power Rangers on acid’. Featuring strobe-lighting, dancing ninjas and scantily-clad ladies in an intimate mirrored arena, the plot is loose but what does it even matter? One thing for sure is you’ll never forget your first time at the Robot Restaurant.

robot restaurant tokyo

Robot Restaurant – nothing makes sense but it doesn’t matter!

2. Not to be beat by dancing robots, the Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku features ‘cute’ monsters prancing around on an indoor merry-go-around. Unlike the Robot Restaurant, the Kawaii Monster Cafe serves half-decent food, albeit rainbow-coloured dishes that match the decor.

Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku Tokyo

Kawaii Monster Cafe – the craziest place I ever had a unicorn-inspired meal…

3. Super Mario fans rejoice as you can now tour Tokyo in a Go Kart dressed as your favourite Nintendo character or super hero.

4. Head to Tokyu Plaza in Omotesando for some retail therapy and Insta-opportunities in the mirror-covered entryway.

Tokyu Plaza - 25 fun things to do in Tokyo

Fun for photographers at Tokyu Plaza

5. Scoff cake & cream-filled crepes on Takeshita Street in Harajuku. (Save room for a Beard Papa cream puff too.)

6. Doodle while you wait for noodles at the Bungougu Café (Stationery Café) in Omotesando, a beautiful artist store and cafe in one.

Stationery Cafe, Harajuku, Tokyo

One of the calmer cafes in Tokyo – Stationery Cafe, Omotesando

7. Learn your fortune at Senso-ji, Tokyo’s oldest temple, and if you don’t like it just give it back (tie the paper on the  rack) and ask the gods for a better one instead.

8. Dress like a geisha in Asakusa and take a rickshaw ride around Senso-ji in your new get up.

Explore Tokyo's oldest temple - Senso-ji

Learn your fortune at Senso-ji Temple

9. Learn the ancient arts of the ninja with a hands-on ninja experience, which includes your outfit, weapons training and a comedy photoshoot.

10. Have an expensive and possibly very awkward cup of tea served by a maid or butler at one of Tokyo’s wacky theme cafes. 

Crepes in Harajuku

How on earth do you choose? Crepes in Harajuku

11. Buy every imaginable flavour of Kit Kat, some animal-themed face-masks and a load of tat you’ll never need at Don Quijote.

12. Dive into the Shibuya Scramble and look for the perfect vantage points to marvel at the Shibuya Crossing. (There are some pretty good views from Shibuya Station and a Starbucks directly above the intersection – see left hand side of photo below.)

Shibuya Crossing Tokyo

Be blown away by the world’s busiest intersection, the Shibuya Crossing

13. Up your photography game with a Tokyo night photography tour with a pro who can show you how to capture the incredible neon-tinged streets of Shinjuku and Shibuya.

14. Say kampai to the locals over beers in Golden Gai, feast on yakitori in Piss Alley and discover the nightlife of Shinjuku.

Tokyo Neighbourhood Guide

Tokyo by night literally shines

15. Order ramen from a vending machine and enjoy happy hour at an izakaya (with mixed results depending on your skills with the Japanese language!).

16. Play vintage arcade games and go mad for manga in Akihabara.

Akhibara - Tokyo Neighbourhood Guide

Games and geeks in Akhibara

17. Wander the narrow lanes of hipster Shimo-Kitazawa, shop for vintage fashion and stuff your face with pancakes.

18. Visit an onsen theme park, Oedo Onsen Monogatari, to experience the Japanese tradition of bathing naked in hot spring waters.

Shimo-Kitazawa - Tokyo Neighbourhood Guide

Vintage fashion and hip cafes in Shimo-Kitazawa

19. Watch a sumo wrestling tournament at a local arena with a guide who can explain what the big guys are doing.

20. Go shopping in glitzy Ginza and try to get your head around the self-service tills.

Crepes in Harajuku Tokyo

Did I mention crepes?

21. Tour Tsukiji fish market, the world’s largest seafood market, and learn the art of sushi-making from a sushi master.

22. Play on a purikura photo machine in a games arcade and turn yourself into a cartoon character.

Playing on the purikura photo machines.

Playing on the purikura photo machines.

23. Lose your mind on Space Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland!

24. Sleep in what is essentially a cupboard at a Capsule Hotel.

Tokyo Disneyland

Meet Japanese Mickey at Tokyo Disneyland

25. Or better yet stay in a room designed by a Japanese artist with views of Tokyo Tower at Park Hotel Tokyo.

Artist Rooms at Park Hotel Tokyo

Artist Rooms at Park Hotel Tokyo

Ready to have a lot of fun in Tokyo? Check out the rest of my posts on Japan 😀

Fun things to do in Tokyo Japan

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