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You Know You’re On A Greek Holiday When…

✔ You take photos of all the walls and windows

✔ Blue and white becomes a way of life

✔ You might have to dive into a doorway and hide from donkeys

✔ A ‘double’ bed is actually two singles pushed together

✔ You always forget that you can’t flush the bog roll

✔ You eat Tzatziki 3 times a day

✔ Salad for lunch is not a punishment

✔ A frappe on the beach is everything

✔ But a pint of Mythos served in a frozen glass is EVEN BETTER

✔ You suddenly don’t mind scrambling down steep tracks to bathe on secluded beaches

✔ Especially when there’s a dude selling Mythos and hiring sun loungers on said beach

✔ You take your kids to a taverna and they are genuinely welcomed

✔ You remember that Ouzo is never a good idea

✔ You watch Mama Mia on the airplane just to get you in the mood

✔ And fill your suitcase with novels by Victoria Hislop (I’ve just started this one!)

So in case you couldn’t guess I’m off to Greece tomorrow and am ludicrously excited about all of the above treats that my travel-partner-in-crime, Vicky Flop Flop, and I have in store for us. We’re travelling with Greek specialists Olympic Holidays to the 3 ‘Mama Mia’ islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonisos. Expect heaps of Tzatziki-filled images coming to our social feeds shortly. We’ll be using the hashtag #GreekZen so follow along!

What’s your favourite thing about a Greek holiday?

*All pics were taken in Lindos, Rhodes on my last trip to Greece 3 years ago. I’m def overdue a visit!

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