Our favourite meal of the trip was at Agnanti Restaurant, Glossa

The Best Things To Do In Skopelos

Skopelos is a Greek Island that’s got it all – clear waters, ancient churches, incredible cuisine and not 1 but 2 cobbled, car-free Old Town’s with blue and white paintwork that’s picture perfect. Famed for being the Mamma Mia island there is far more to Skopelos than it’s Hollywood associations. These are my favourite colour and calorie-filled things to do in Skopelos.

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Old Town Walking Tour

This fantastic guided tour through the steep, winding streets of Skopelos Old Town will show you the island’s oldest churches, bars and artwork interwoven with information like why locals put bottles of water on their doorstep and where you can get the best cheese pie in Skopelos*.

*The bottled water is to ward off cats who like to mark their territory by peeing in the doorways and the best cheese pie is at Michalis’ place where his mother makes every pie fresh to order.

The tour ends at a waterfront restaurant where you’re given samplers of local wine to wash down delicious plates of food including staples like Greek Salad and Moussaka. The whole thing costs just 30 Euros with Dolphin Of Skopelos and I can’t recommend it enough.

The Best Things To Do In Skopelos

Michalis is widely considered the best cheese pie shop in Skopelos

Mamma Mia Tour

Another of Dolphin’s must-do tours is their Mamma Mia Highlights Island Tour. I’ve written in detail about the all-singing and dancing day around the island previously but, in short, you’ll be taken to key Mamma Mia filming locations including the wedding chapel from the movie and Kastani Beach where they shot scenes including Amanda Seyfried’s and Dominic Cooper’s steamy interpretation of Lay All Your Love On Me. There is also a bonus stop at an olive farm and a lunch stop at Agnontas where you can enjoy fresh seafood on the waterfront of this cute fishing port.

Ag.Ioannis is known as the Mamma Mia Chapel

Lunch In Glossa

Glossa is the second largest town on Skopelos and is a superb daytrip if you want to enjoy views (as far as Skiathos) and wander around the quiet, car-free, blue and white streets. If you come to Glossa you must stop for lunch at Agnanti (follow the signs made from frying pans – yes, really!) where Vicky and I had the best meal of our trip. Aside from having the cutest embroidered curtains and jaw-dropping views from the terrace, Agnanti focus on using local ingredients to bring their dishes to life. The Feta Me Meli (feta filo pastry) I ordered came drizzled in sweet wine instead of honey and could not have been tastier. (Check out Vicky’s plate of magnificent Kantaifi prawns!)

Agnanti Restaurant Glossa

Delicious feta parcel at Agnanti

Hit The Beach(es)

If you’re confident with winding, coastal roads a great way to see the island is by hiring a soft-top jeep. Vicky and I hired a Jimney for the day and set off to visit Glossa, stopping at various beaches along the way. My favourite stop was Panormas, which is a quiet pebbly bay with verdant green water and a handful of tavernas to choose from. We headed to the sun loungers at Green Blue Bay, at the north end of the cove, and not only were the frappes divine but the service was fun and friendly too. Kastani is also beautiful but can get busy due to the Mamma Mia tours coming though so you might want to try nearby Milia instead.

The Best Things To Do In Skopelos

Green Blue Bay Panormas Skopelos

Sundowners In The Old Town

Part of the beauty of taking the Old Town walking tour was that it introduced us to places we wanted to return to (and photograph like mad) on our own steam. One of those places was an open-air bar we found overlooking the ocean behind the old church. There are no signs to this bar (I couldn’t even find its name in English) but if you head past the Town Hall to the far end of the port and follow the stairs up past the church you will eventually find it. Colourful chairs are laid out facing the sea and if you plonk yourself in one eventually a fairly contankerous old man will appear out of a nearby house to offer you a cold beer. (The sign says they offer cocktails too but it seems they are only available when the owner’s daughter is on hand to make them.) It’s a stunning setting but be warned that the owner doesn’t like it if he accidentally walks into the back of your shot. And don’t even ask about wi-fi – the telling off we heard someone else get for doing so was hilarious! What a great place to switch off though.

The Best Things To Do In Skopelos

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More Info

I travelled to Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos on an island-hopping itinerary with Olympic Holidays. There are no direct flights to Skopelos but it’s an easy ferry or Flying Cat ride from Skiathos – we took the Flying Cat which takes approx. 1 hour. Click here to browse hotel options and holidays deals.


Have you been to Skopelos? What were your favourite things to do on the island?

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    martin beckett

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    Janice Stringer

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    Lovely post Jayne,
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