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Brace yourself folks, there are over 600 posts on this blog and I’m totally expecting you to read them all.

Or not.

Instead, I thought I might make it easier to help you navigate this rabbit’s warren of ramblings on boutique hotels, blogging tips, stylish family travel and life as a freelance mum with some highlights below.

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How I started travel blogging

I get a lot emails about starting a travel blog and how I got into blogging.

You can read my story about how travel blogging became my career here.

If you’d like to start a blog, here are some tips to get you started and some mistakes I’ve made so that you don’t have to.

If you’d like to make a living from travel blogging, here are some of the ways I generate income from a blog in 2020 and 15 things about making a living from travel blogging not everyone will tell you.

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Hello everyone, I’m not sure how long some of you have been around here so I thought I might do a little ‘getting to know me’ update. So I’m Jayne, I’m 35 years old and live in the UK. I’ve been blogging for 11 years and it’s been my main job for the last 7. My first job after uni was as an events manager. The company I worked for arranged international conferences and I ran events in Estonia, Lithuania, South Africa, China and more. It was during this time I started travel blogging for a hobby and 2 years later it became my career when I was hired by a travel company to manage their blog and social media channels. In 2012, I went freelance and did a mix of freelance writing, social media management, and consulting, all the time travelling as much as I could and blogging about for my own website. I won some awards during this period from the likes of the British Travel Press and Cosmo Magazine – there was less competition back then 🤪 In 2014, I moved to Australia (with my Aussie husband who was my boyfriend at the time but we got hitched in Thailand in 2017) and pretty much had to start my freelance career again. During this time, I set my blog up to earn passive income through advertising and affiliate sales and embraced the opportunity to travel all over Australia and Asia. (I had a little love affair with Japan. Someone there must have loved my work as I got invited on 3 projects back to back for various tourism boards and couldn’t believe my luck.) Throughout the last decade I’ve been so lucky to experience a mixture of press trips, paid campaigns and personal travels – some solo, some with colleagues and now with my small family. I always dreamed of being paid to travel as a kid and still find it surreal that essentially writing an online diary created that for me. In 2018, we moved back to the UK to have our son Miles, so named after the 30k of them he did in my belly. (I’m in Finland during my 1st trimester of pregnancy here.) In Miles’ first year we moved to New York for 7 weeks for my husband’s work and took him to Melbourne to meet his Aussie side of the family. (Continued in comments)

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