Babymoon Bliss at San Antonio Resort, Corfu, Greece
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Babymoon Bliss at San Antonio Resort, Corfu, Greece

Do you know what a babymoon is? A funeral to holidays as you know them! At least that’s what the dastardly people (read: knowledgeable parents) of the internet made me feel. Every time I posted about what a blissful relaxing time we were having in Greece the comments telling us to ‘make the most of it’ came flooding in, which is exactly what we were trying to do. K thanks bye.*

*Buries head in sand, plans to live in denial until 40 weeks

Babymoon in Corfu Greece

Literally putting a label on my expanded waist with this ASOS purchase

In all seriousness though, spending a week in Greece at 26 weeks pregnant was the perfect opportunity to switch the brain out of baby mode and forget for just a few days about impending births and drastic life changes. Having just completed the mammoth task of relocating from Australia, finding and furnishing a new home in the UK and sorting out essential life admin like, you know, making an appointment with the midwife, I genuinely don’t think I have ever needed a holiday more in my life.

So we booked a real ‘old school’ holiday like the ones I went on as a kid. We found a last minute package deal on Thomas Cook and set off to do very little but sunbathe, read and eat.

Babymoon Bliss at San Antonio Resort, Corfu, Greece

Sitting on the dock of the bay…

Going against all my natural explorer instincts we did not a single day trip (the rep actually talked us out of it when he learned I was preggers) and instead I read 5 books, ate copious amounts of tzatziki and slept for at least 9 hours every night. (If only you could bank sleep in advance of the baby, hey!)

Our Greek Island of choice was Corfu, not for any particular reason other than the flight times were reasonable and the price (approx. £450 each for flights, hotel and transfers) was hard to resist. We stayed for a week at the 4 star San Antonio Corfu Resort, an adults-only (ha!) boutique resort on the north coast of Corfu in a bay called Kalami.

Affordable Luxury at San Antonio Resort, Kalami, Corfu

The most difficult decision we made all week was pool or beach.

Affordable Luxury at San Antonio Resort, Kalami, Corfu

Fans of a certain TV show may recognise these waters as the home of the Durrells, indeed their White House is a restaurant, accommodation and museum that was mere metres from our hotel and which we never once visited, because: lazy.

Kalami has just 3 waterfront tavernas and 2 supermarkets but it was all us babymooners needed. To mix things up, some evenings we headed to restaurants on nearby bays that would send a complimentary water taxi or minibus to collect us.

Affordable Luxury at San Antonio Resort, Kalami, Corfu

The best bit about dining at Nikolas Taverna in Agni was the boat trip

Nikolas Taverna in Agni had the perfect setting but some less than satisfactory meals. (The evening didn’t start well when Justin had to resort to his third choice of dinner – who runs out of moussaka AND stifado at 7.30?!)

Dimitri's Restaurant, Kalami, Corfu

Waves to Albania from Dimitri’s

A visit to Dimitri’s Restaurant overlooking Kalami offered stunning views of Albania in the distance and some especially juicy souvlaki but our favourite place to dine was, interestingly, a sister hotel to ours in Kassiopi that did the most delicious Feta Me Meli. (That’s the one where the feta is baked in filo pastry and smothered with honey and sesame seeds – a delight I discovered in Skopelos in 2017.)

Affordable Luxury at San Antonio Resort, Kalami, Corfu

Feta so good we ordered it twice at Melina Bay Boutique Hotel, Kassiopi

The food was so good at Melina Bay Boutique Hotel we went twice and as there were some shops in Kassiopi we even got to do some shopping after the meal before being dropped home by the safest driver in Corfu who went ‘slow, slow for baby.’

For the price we paid the San Antonio Corfu Resort was an absolute steal. Rated 9+ on, San Antonio has chic, simple rooms (air con included – not always a given in Greece!), 2 pools (one with a stonking view) and a generous breakfast buffet that included all the usual suspects with daily rotating cakes, pastries, Greek pies and a veritable pic n mix bar of toppings for your Greek yoghurt.

Affordable Luxury at San Antonio Resort, Kalami, Corfu

Baking the bump at Sea Breeze Beach Club

Sun loungers at the beach bar are payable extra (10 Euro for 2 beds and an umbrella) but it was a price we were happy to pay to avoid walking up the hill too often. The food served at Sea Breeze Beach Club was generous and delicious and our 3pm frappe habit became a daily highlight.

Kalami Beach Taverna, Corfu

Try the homemade hummus at Kalami Beach Taverna

I’d also recommend you eat at the Kalami Beach Taverna, a mixed Med menu with incredible hummus, and skip Thomas’s Place, which has the best seats down on the beach but the driest meat I’ve ever encountered in Greece.

Apart from that I cannot give you much advice about holidaying in Corfu because we didn’t do anything. Boat trips to Corfu Town run almost daily from Kalami – the quickest one being a speedboat (20 mins) that runs twice a week and can be booked at the hotel reception. You can also take the local bus for a couple of Euros but it takes 1hr 15 and the road has some hairy twists so you’d want a seat.

Affordable Luxury at San Antonio Resort, Kalami, Corfu

Babymoons were made for this

There is a slight accessibility issue at the San Antonio Resort in that to access most rooms requires a short uphill walk. Once you’ve mounted the first hill there is a lift taking to you the upper pool and some higher rooms. Our room was 1 more flight of stairs from the pool. It wasn’t a massive issue for me at 26 weeks but I did try to limit trips to the room just to avoid getting super sweaty and out of breath. One of the good things about going to Kassiopi for dinner though was that the driver could drop us at the top of the hill and we walk down to our room rather than up from the beach. (MUCH easier with a belly full of baby and tzatziki.)

Babymoon Bliss at San Antonio Resort, Corfu, Greece

Me and my lumpy bumpy loving life in Greece at 26 weeks

The flight home (a breezy 3 hours, if a little delayed) was a little sombre for me as I mourned the end of adults-only holidays for the next couple of decades. At least we went out with a good ‘un!

More Info

We travelled to Corfu on a package deal with Thomas Cook but you can also fly direct with British Airways and book San Antonio Resort on Taxis to Kalami from Corfu Town/Airport are approx 65 Euro. Our trip was self-funded and credit is due to my invisible husband who took all the selfies and drone pics for me.

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