Paradise Found: Yejele Turquoise Beach, New Caledonia

There are no prizes for guessing how Yejele ‘Turquoise’ Beach got its name. Maré was the least commercial of the 4 islands in New Caledonia we visited on our South Pacific Cruise with Carnival Legend, yet its waters were the most alluring. Maré is a raised coral atoll with a population of approximately 6,900 people, mainly of Melanesian heritage. It’s an island largely untouched by tourism, I saw only 1 ‘resort’ during our day there and use the term resort loosely. A small marketplace has formed around the cruise ship schedules, however, and on the day we docked at Maré, Yejele Beach is lined with locals offering cold beers, relaxing massages and BBQ meats on skewers. We have more food than we could possibly want for available on the cruise ship but want to make the most … Continue reading Paradise Found: Yejele Turquoise Beach, New Caledonia