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Espavita Spa Review and Exclusive Reader Offer

There’s a new way to spa in Sydney. 12 weeks ago Espavita opened its doors in Ultimo and began offering customers the chance to subscribe to their spa services – the first time this has been done in Australia. Designed to create a unique sensory relaxation experience, the services include state of the art hydrotherapy and infrared saunas, as well as massage, facial and beauty treatments. In short, members get a lot of therapy for a minimal monthly fee.

Espavita products and water feature

I went for a visit last week to see for myself what the sensory relaxation experience feels likes.

Hydrobed Massage 

The Hydrobed Massage (exclusive to Espavita) was the experience I was most keen to try and it didn’t disappoint. Like a masseuse and Jacuzzi combined, it has all the benefits of a massage without any of the mess. You lie on the warm waterbed fully clothed and let the jets get to work. They rotate up and down the body, as far as the base of the neck, massaging the muscles with an unexpected strength. The Hydrovita Massage Bed also has the added bonuses of light therapy, oxygen therapy, red light collagen stimulation, which is great for the complexion, and it emits a relaxing aroma and soothing music, which nearly sent me to sleep.

Hydrovita Massage Bed

You can customise the massage by changing the pressure and focussing on different parts of the body but I just let the machine do its thing. I can see this being a particularly popular treatment for workers who want to squeeze a relaxing massage into their lunch break, or for anyone who is uncomfortable with stripping in front of strangers!

Infrared Sauna

I’ll admit I’m not usually a fan of saunas – I find the heat too oppressive and the whole experience rather boring. But infrared changed my mind. Firstly it’s not at all a claustrophobic heat but feels rather like sitting in the sun on a warm summer’s day. The room doesn’t get steamy so you can take a book or magazine in to keep you busy but it’s the benefits of infrared that really sell it for me.

infrared sauna Espavita

Used by NASA as part of their Astronaut Programme, studies have shown that Infrared Saunas are up to 7 times more effective then traditional steam saunas and they have oodles of health benefits. Users have reported vast improvements to complexion (infrared stimulates collagen production which reduces wrinkles, scarring and improves skin tone), weight-loss (infrared heat has been proven to burn up to 600 calories in a 30 minute session) and help with pain management. I found the experience incredibly relaxing, as well as a pleasant way of detoxifying.

AquaVitaII Espavita


After a calming rain shower (the soothing tones of the spa’s soundtrack are also played in the bathroom) my masseuse, Narelle, collected me from the member’s lounge for my Swedish Massage. After I was comfortably lying under a snuggly duvet, Narelle worked out the knots of my neck, back and shoulders. She signalled the beginning of the treatment with a foot cleaning ritual and ended it with the vibration of a cymbal.

Balance Treatment Room Espavita

Espavita offers treatments based around 4 outcomes – Relax, Purify, Balance and Revitalise – and the aromatherapy oils reflect that. I had chosen a relaxing treatment so was massaged with a bergamot oil, which matched the chocolate I was presented with at the end of my experience. I left Espavita with all of my senses completely satisfied.

Outcomes distant 8677_(espavita)_011-new

Try It For Yourself

Espavita have kindly offered to treat Girl Tweets World readers to this sensational spa experience at a reduced rate of $99 – saving $75 off the usual price!

The offer includes:

~ 60min Massage OR Luminosity Facial
~ 30min Infrared Sauna + Rain Shower
~ 15min Dry Hydrobed Massage

Click here to reserve your exclusive Girl Tweets World Espavita experience.

More Info

Membership of Espavita starts from $89.95/month – granting you access to over $1800 worth of services. You can find them at Shop D, 80 Bay Street, Ultimo, Sydney. Visit the Espavita website to find out more.

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    Kelly-Ann Denton
    February 6, 2016 at 11:13 am

    Be very careful. These people want to take your money, and tell you that they are providers of rebates for health funds. THEY ARE NOT. I was caught out to the tune of $480. They tricked me into a membership and told me I could claim, I could not. Cheats, thieves. Don’t waste your money.

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