travelbloggerethicsI created this page to try to debunk some of the disclosure terms you’ll see at the end of posts and also explain a little about how I run the site.

I work in a couple of different ways:

Sponsored Post – If a post is declared as sponsored by or written in conjunction with a brand it means it was paid for. I only work with brands/destinations that are a perfect fit for the site in order to maintain the authenticity of what you read here. All content and opinions will always be my own – I never accept content written by sponsors and personally review and vet anything I recommend.

Hosted Trip – Some of my travels are fully or partially hosted – in these cases my trip was free but the content has not been paid for. I take very few press trips and those I do I extend in order to explore in my own time and at my own expense. Most articles on this site are born out of a mix of self-funded travels with the odd hosted stay or activity. I aim to travel approx once a month in order to keep delivering fresh content for this site and my freelance clients and pitching for hosted travel is the only way I can afford to do so!

Affiliate Links – Sometimes I will recommend something in a post and if you click the link and go on to book or purchase that service I receive a minuscule percentage. This is something I do rarely because I prefer to just add natural/useful links but you will notice an affiliate link to booking.com on most of the hotels I mention. I book the majority of my accommodation through this site and link to properties I have personally stayed at/would recommend to a friend. It doesn’t cost you a penny to book via these links. Just means I get to eat 🙂

Self-Funded – After recently asking readers what they would prefer I have started disclosing when a trip is self-funded – previously I didn’t include this in the disclosure as I thought it was implied by the content but to be as transparent as possible I’m putting this in now too! As mentioned above, a lot of content will be born out of a mix of hosted and self-funded travels but I’ll always endeavour to be as clear as possible about which is which.

Feel to ask me any questions you may have.