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Hi, I’m Jayne, a full-time UK travel and lifestyle blogger and mum of a 2-year-old son.

After spending the last decade living in London, Sydney, Melbourne and New York (for a few awesome weeks), I’m now living in Berkshire, the Home County I grew up in, and discovering there’s a lot of beauty beyond Boots on the High Street. (The only place I ‘travelled’ to as a teenager!)

About Girl Tweets World

Girl Tweets World is a travel and lifestyle blog where I share my attempts at a stylish, travel-influenced home and stress-free family trips.*

*This last bit is more a hopeful philosophy than a reality now my son is 2!

My travel crew are my Aussie husband, who is the aviation geek/ points hacker of the team, and our son Miles, so named for the 30,000 of them he did in my belly.

Since welcoming our little traveller to the mix, we’ve been favouring slower family travel – we spent 7 weeks in New York and 3 in Australia during our son’s first year – but we’ve tried hard not to compromise on the style of travel we love. (So far, anyway!)

More recently, we’ve been enjoying toddler-friendly days out in the UK and chic child-friendly staycations that are just as enjoyable for the adults.

Discover honest reviews and tips from our family trips.

For the last 11 years, I’ve been sharing my tried-and-tested travel tips – such as how to sleep on a plane – and guides to both popular and lesser-known destinations to help my readers enjoy stress-free holidays in beautiful places.

My travel guides are a mix of the street eats, shopping secrets, stylish accommodation and can’t-miss tourist attractions I’ve explored on my trips, and I’ll always tell you what I think of them with typical British humour.

 (Like the floating breakfast that almost ended my marriage.)

Apart from my tendency to exaggerate, I try to be truthful about the reality of being a freelance mum. I’m learning on the job about juggling a baby and a blog and will fill you in on anything helpful I pick up along the way.

Our Travel Home

In 2020 we bought out first house and, as the pandemic predicated that we spend a lot of time in it, we’ve been slowly decorating and styling the house to reflect our love of travel.

I started a new Instagram account (@ourtravelhome) to document the process and have been blogging about some of the things we’ve learned about adding character to a new build home.

Stay In Touch

If you think you might be able to relate to any of the above, please do stay in touch. Say hi on social media or get in touch via email.

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