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Hi, I’m Jayne, a Brit who moved Down Under with her Aussie husband then came back again.*

(*May have something to do with the baby we’re expecting.)

I guess you could call this an affordable luxury blog, which is just a poncey way of saying I like pretty things but I’m not rich. :p

I travel at least once a month and tend to base myself in a boutique hotel near a highly-rated brunch spot. (Because: priorities.)

My travel guides are a mix of the street eats, shopping secrets and big ticket tourist attractions I’ve explored on my trips and I’ll always tell you what I think of them with typical British humour.

(Like that time I tried a floating breakfast in Bali and it was just a big fat fail.)

I’ve been to 63 countries now (Who’s counting? Well me a little bit, clearly) and travelled a fair bit of Europe, Asia and Australia so write about these regions the most. If there’s anything you can’t find on the site or want to know more about, just give me a shout.

I’ve also been blogging for 8 years (an old-timer in this game!) so sometimes share the odd piece of blogging advice, mainly about how not to run a travel blog.

I’m also an over-sharer and write some stories about what goes on behind-the-scenes of the blog and how I felt about living Down Under.

If you think you might relate at all to any of the above please do stay in touch. Say hi on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Keen to read more? You might like to start with these popular posts or discover some of my favourite places.


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