About JayneSo I’m Jayne, a British expat in Sydney, and this blog is a window into my life of travelling, tweeting and making a blog-based living.

You’ll quickly notice that I love to write about beautiful destinations, boutique hotels, food (especially brunches) and flying, as well as share my insight into what goes into running a blogging and social media business. (7 years and counting! Who can believe it? Not me!)

Ask Me Anything

Why did you move to Sydney?

An Australian man living in London asked me out on Twitter then several years later we got hitched on a beach in Thailand. We moved to Oz in 2014 to try on his country for size.

Does this site make any money?

Yup. You can check out this post about some of the ways I make money from travel blogging. Most of my earnings come from content and consultancy I produce for other websites but if I am working in conjunction with a brand/sponsor on content you see on this blog it will be clearly labelled in the post.

I’m a brand/PR/tourism board – please can you send me some stats?

Of course. For a copy of the Girl Tweets World media pack please send an email to jayne@girltweetsworld.com with the subject line ‘Media Pack Request’. Simples!

Where can I find out more about your professional background?

That one’s easy too. Here you can get a taste of the social media and blogging campaigns I offer or you can find a full run down of my content and consultancy services (with testimonials) on LinkedIn.

For anything I haven’t covered above please get in touch via the Contact page or click here to find out about how we can work together.


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