25 Ways To Be Aussie As!

Sydney sunset

In honour of Australia Day I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learnt about Australian culture over the last 18 months. I’ve also rounded up some tips submitted by my Aussie and expat friends, to bring you 25 ways to be Aussie as.

(Warning: there is slight sarcasm contained within but the one thing I’ve learned from my Aussie friends and family is that you guys are as good at taking jokes as us Brits are. At least I hope you are. Don’t kick me out! Please!)

1. Call everyone your mate or ‘old mate’, in which case they may not be your mate at all

2. Utilise the phrase ‘far out’ with absolutely no irony

3. Enjoy a Gaytime with absolutely no irony. Thanks to Christine from Adventure, Baby for this one.


4. Eat Avocado. Call it avo

5. Order a Flat White

6. Forgo all chain cafes

7. Watch TV shows about traffic cops and border partrol a lot. (Or at least that’s what the TV networks lead me to believe the Australian public do.)

8. Watch the movie ‘The Castle’ and understand the humour. (I’m still working on staying awake all the way through it.)

9. Live in a house that’s all on one level

10. And doesn’t have a fireplace

11. Be very cautious and (rightfully) sensible about going out in the sun

12. Call sun-bathing sun-baking

13. Complain about traffic in conditions I as a Londoner would consider optimal

14. Avoid public transport like the plague

15. Drive a ‘ute’ instead

16. Treat roads of a gazillion kms long like that’s pretty standard (well, it is here)

17. Prefer to drive rather than fly for your family vacation

18. Post photos of beaches on Instagram like you live there when you really live in the middle of the suburbs Another one from Christine which basically sums up me & Justin!

Bondi Spring time

19. Host a “Singlets and Stubbies” party and attend a ‘Bush Doof” (I’m not making this up!)

20. Play ‘Goon of Fortune’ at some point in your youth (Also not making this up!)

21. “Bust a plugga” (Break and then fix a flip flop/thong)

22. Then ditch the shoes. Become comfortable with walking everywhere (even the supermarket… whaaat?!) bare foot. Submitted by Amber from Words Of Wander

23. Know that “how you going?” doesn’t need the answer “by foot/bus”. Lol submission from Kirsten at Kirst Over The World

24. Remain laid back in all circumstances (Even when your other half is on a visa/wedding related meltdown – thanks babe!)

25. And openly, proudly, loyally Australian at all times

Happy Australia Day mate!


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